5-Day Fruit Feast Detox Guidebook

3 Years ago, Jordan The Frugivore embarked on a 30-Day Fruit Feast Challenge, eating only sweet, water-rich juicy fruits, and drinking only distilled water and coconut water, which forever changed his life for the better.

Today, Jordan is here to share part of that journey and offer a 5-Day Fruit Feast Detox Guide, to expose others to the miraculous healing benefits of this delicious way of eating.

This Guidebook includes:

Fruit Detox Instructions/Protocol

Nutrition Advice

Meal Plan

Grocery Guide


Tips and Exercises for overcoming Emotional Eating

His Personal Story

Support Group/Community


and much more!

The Potential Benefits of this Detox include but not limited to:

Weight Stabilisation

Increased Energy

Mental Clarity

Joint Pain Relief

Clearer Skin

Better Sleep

Reduced Inflammation

More Discipline

More Willpower

More Muscle Definition

More Synchronicity/Serendipity

Improved clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance

Deeper sense of self-awareness and connectedness with All

and so much more!

Results may vary due to other factors such as genetics, environment, and mental health.

DISCLAIMER: Eye am not a medical professional. Eye do not cure diseases (the body does that.) If you have any medical issues, please consult a trusted, plant-based medical professional at your own risk.

If you're ready to crawl out of a rut you didn't know you were in Download this 5-Day Fruit Feast Detox Guidebook and begin your healing Journey Today!. 

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